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I have to admit that I have thought of my high school reunion since I was in middle school.  I know it sounds crazy.  But alas, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion wouldn’t be one of my favorite movies if I hadn’t thought of how this reunion would turn out. I’ve been sadly and abruptly awoken and have come to the realization it will not be what I fantasized it would be.

I imagined it would be in a beautiful hall with a band that would show our age or maybe a DJ playing La Charanga and Walk it Like a Dog.  It doesn’t sound super classy but I didn’t go to a prim and proper high school. Those were the kind of songs we danced at high school dances.  I’m not sure if that is normal everywhere because our school was far from the usual. For example, I thought it was normal for most high schools to have daycare’s for the students kids.  I learned that was not the norm after I moved. However, I did enjoy my experience throughout the years I was there. Our high school is actually very beautiful. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My school had by far the best stadium in the area. As a matter of fact, it still does. A major carnival and parade celebration begins from said stadium.

I envisioned the party to be kind of a throw back. However, I didn’t think it would be reminiscent of a high school after party. Our 10th year reunion is at a bar. A lot of people are defending saying it is going to be in a reserved part of a patio/balcony. It is still a bar! I thought I was alone at first thinking this was ridiculous. It seems a lot of people have voiced their opinion. They would also prefer a more private venue. Other people told me that I shouldn’t forget my roots. I am sorry but I was not going to bars at 18 nor do I go to bars now. That is far from my roots. A dance in a world war 2 boat with no ac is in my roots. I can handle that. There is also going to be a band that goes twice a month that routinely sells out the place that day. I don’t see how you can catch up at a sold out bar that not only allows your class but also people that are going to be graduating this year.  I may be an old soul or just too bitchy but that is not the reunion I have dreamed about.  Lets just say I do not plan to travel 8 hours to go to a reunion in a bar on a Friday on the 4th of July and pay $50.00. For $50.00 I would like to be able to hear people speak.  I hope the people that do go, have a wonderful time. On the bright side, I have kind of kept up with some of my class thanks to social media.

I guess I’ll go fold some scarves. (Inside joke if you know Romy and Michelle).

Have you gone or do you plan to go to your High School Reunion? How was it or how do you imagine it will be?

Happies and Crappies-Over a Few Months

It’s been a long time since I blogged. I just wasn’t feeling it. But now I’m kind of sad because I haven’t documented the good bad and ugly in my life. Instead of having a weekly happies and crappies, I’m going to document a few months’ worth.


I finally decided what I want to do “when I grow up.” I always knew I wanted to do something that helped people but didn’t know what. I figured it out though! More on that later.

I got selected to go see the Conan O’Brien Show when he comes to Dallas on Allstars week. #TeamCoco

The hubby got me a Surface Pro 2 Tablet with the keyboard and a cool case.

I have 3 new adoptive sisters. It’s not finalized yet but they already live at home. I’m glad they are out of foster care.

I drove out of my little safe zone by myself for the first time. I got lost (yeah, that’s new) but I found myself back eventually. I need to try it again soon.

The car was acting up and it’s fixed. It was way cheaper than I expected too. So that’s always a plus.

We are actively going to the gym. We got really cool heart rate monitors to go along with that lifestyle change. It is the Polar FT 60.

Our Goddaughter turned two.

I’m being more intentional about meeting people. I can’t complain I don’t know anyone if I don’t try.



Lola was diagnosed with laxating patellas. :/ Poor baby. She had a very painful week but has been doing okay since then. princess peach lola

My uncle passed away this past week. It was tough. His funeral was beautiful though. I’m glad he is no longer in pain.

One of our couches broke. We replaced it but now we owe money. The one that broke was paid cash.  We like them though.

Our taxes are soooooo expensive this year.

The day my uncle passed away we found 3 bunnies that didn’t make it through the ice storm. It was sad because it was babies.

My laptop split in half for no reason. It still works but it’s annoying to see the crack and to have to plug the charger before opening the screen. lol. That’s the main reason I got a tablet. Lenovo NEVER replied to our requests even though that laptop is STILL under a year old. Now I’m concerned because the desktop we bought in December is also Lenovo. That’ll the last time we buy that brand for sure.

Our internet keeps “breaking” every other day since they did a system update. Our provider is trying to blame our complex wires, but it wasn’t a problem before the update. It’s a big deal since we both work from home. I told them, we can’t pay you if we’re not working.  Our apartment crew is awesome and is trying to talk to them though.

I’ll probably be blogging more consistently. I miss looking back at our little adventures.

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